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I Need Somebody To Help Me With My Quarterly VAT Returns

We can help! Preparing and submitting VAT returns is something we carry out on a daily basis for our bookkeeping clients so you will have peace of mind that any VAT on your purchases that can be claimed, will be claimed. Similarly, we’ll also make sure you don’t claim for something you shouldn’t or misstate VAT on your sales, which could easily lead to a VAT inspection and subsequent action from HMRC.

If you haven’t already registered for VAT we can handle the process with HMRC on your behalf. We can also recommend which of HMRC’s VAT schemes will best suit your business.

Generally, small business VAT does not become any more complicated than calculating VAT on your trading sales and purchases. However, should you require help on a more complex issue, perhaps regarding overseas or Property VAT, our founder Ben Case has a broad knowledge of VAT and will be able to assist in most instances without referral to a tax specialist? Leave your VAT returns to Decimal+ and give yourself one less thing to worry about.