Management Accounts

Based in Newmarket, Suffolk decimal+ accountants offer bookkeeping services to businesses throughout Cambridge, Essex and Suffolk.

Remove worries of penalties and non-compliance

HMRC’s Making Tax Digital initiative isn’t far off now (April 2019) and it’s crucial that businesses ensure that their bookkeeping is completed accurately using HMRC approved online accounting software. Working with decimal+ will remove any worries of penalties and inspections from non-compliance by providing a consistent service that revolves around ongoing client support.

Cloud accounting software to improve your process

We use Xero and Receipt Bank cloud software, removing the need to collect and file huge amounts of paperwork – one less headache as you start to move forward. Invoices and receipts can be submitted to us online via the Receipt Bank app which we offer free of charge to all clients. Xero’s secure encryption bank feed integration means we can receive all of your transaction data without you lifting a finger.

Decimal+ will help get your business back on track with Xero

Xero and cloud accounting software helps connect your accounts making collection and collation of information easier and removes the headache of collecting mountains of paperwork!

We are partnered with Xero and Receipt Bank and provide these free of charge with all of our bookkeeping packages. If you are currently using an alternative provider of accounting software we can arrange a conversion to Xero free of charge.

Receipt Bank allows you to submit your invoices and receipts to us in three ways:

  • Via the Receipt Bank app by taking a photo of the document and submitting for processing
  • Forward attachments via email to your unique Receipt Bank email address
  • Log in to your Receipt Bank account on desktop and drag and drop files in

Scans of your documents are stored by Receipt Bank in perpetuity so there is no need to worry about filing and retaining hard copies unless you prefer to have a manual record.

We offer free unlimited support to all of our bookkeeping packages. We aim to resolve client queries the same day and if possible.

We take care of submitting your VAT return to HMRC so you don’t have to worry about filing deadlines. We’ll also make sure well in advance, you know how much to pay and when the money is due. We undertake a three-stage review process to integrity check data before it is submitted to HMRC so you can be safe in the knowledge your business is fully compliant in its VAT obligations.

Our standard bookkeeping packages include monthly maintenance of bookkeeping records on a monthly basis. If you feel you need more current data available to run your business we do offer a weekly bookkeeping service for an additional monthly charge. Please contact us for details.

From April 2019 all VAT registered businesses will be required to file VAT returns electronically using HMRC approved software. This will extend to quarterly submissions for Income or Corporation tax as early as April 2020 for businesses of all sizes. We ensure that your business is ready for these changes well in advance of legislation changes and will make sure you are fully informed of exactly these changes will impact your business.

It doesn’t matter if your month’s behind with your paperwork – we are more than happy to pick up the slack and get your business back on track.

We offer a host of services to help tailor our packages specifically to your requirements. Following an initial consultation, we will highlight any of our bolt-ons that we think would benefit your business. We won’t sell you anything we don’t think will be useful to you or provide value for money.

Get your books in order and learn to use your business information to make better decisions for your business

Our bookkeeping packages are available for businesses of all sizes. Click the button below to view our pricing and find out more about what we offer with each package.