Cloud Accounting Services Covering Cambridge & Suffolk

Using the Xero accounting software platform helps to reduce administrative burdens and gives you insights that enable you to grow your business.

Getting you set up on Xero for success

Working with live company data we’ll help your business work through the initial set up of bank accounts and company information. Then, we help you understand the features of Xero; Sales, Purchases, Banking, Journals, VAT returns and Reporting. You can also take advantage of our Xero expertise to set up branded stationery templates, invoices and statements to evoke your professionalism to new and existing clients.

Ongoing telephone and email support

Accounting software was once something only bookkeepers alone would use; complex, confusing and difficult to use. Xero and other modern accounting software packages have changed this with simple user interfaces and easy to use platforms. As part of our training, we provide ongoing email/telephone support for the next fortnight following our visit to help iron out any areas which you need further clarity on.

Software that streamlines your process and offers scalability as you grow

Xero is the leading accounting software provider used by decimal+ as it provides unparalleled access to multiple devices and offers scalability as your business grows. Using Xero means you have a constant live picture of your cashflow without having to wait weeks for your bookkeeper to update you on your business affairs. Raising quotations and invoices with Xero is easy and can be done in a few clicks. It’s also linked securely (via encrypted processes) to your bank account and transfer all transactions into the software saving you huge amounts of time.

Gain a competitive edge through your business data

You can also choose to take advantage of Xero’s add-ons which come with industry-specific features which can give you a competitive edge over your competition. As part of our bookkeeping packages, we also offer a subscription to Receipt Bank which works in perfect harmony with Xero. This clever add-on makes sending in supplier invoices and expense receipts to us as simple as taking a picture in a phone app. decimal+ are Xero certified advisors and bronze status Xero partners; our ability to help your businesses get to grips with Xero is unrivalled with over 7 years experience training and supporting clients on this platform. If you’re currently using different accounting software and are considering switching, decimal+ can provide a complimentary transfer service to help you move over to Xero.

Xero Accounting Software FAQs

Read our Xero FAQs to find out how it can help your business reduce administrative burdens.

Yes, in our 1 to 1 training we aim to cover all of the fundamentals of Sales/Purchase Ledger, Banking, Journals and Settings in a day session. Further full or half day training sessions can be scheduled to focus more closely on specific elements of Xero so you can increase your knowledge on areas of particular relevance to your business.

Xero support specialist based in Suffolk

Decimal+ can help you train up staff to become confident users of payroll in addition to providing ongoing support for the platform.