Budgeting & Cash Flow Forecasting Services in Suffolk

Managing budgeting and cash flow processes is something that’s rarely undertaken by small to medium-sized businesses. Here at decimal+, we can help you with budgeting and cash flow forecasting to maintain and secure the growth of your business.

Measure yearly performance and act on the data

Budgeting and cash flow forecasting not only provides insights into business ups and downs, it also allows you to set performance benchmarks to help you measure year-on-year performance.

Preparation of budget

Not every business has the time or resources to prepare a budget. decimal+ can help save you time and provide you with insightful forecasts to help you plan around important seasonal times and events.

Identify key drivers of growth and loss

With nearly 20 years experience in the accounting and bookkeeping sector makes decimal+ your go-to authority in creating budgets and forecasts. Our ability to help you identify key drivers of your business allows you to put more resources into areas which are proven to work for you historically, meaning you have a greater chance of success moving forward.

Budgeting & Cashflow Forecasting FAQs

Read our payroll FAQs to understand how we can help your business with new employees, statuatory sick pay and help to ensure you make the right contributions to national insurance.

We use a blend of historical data and client expectations to create the basis of our forecast schedules. We also calculate your tax liabilities, and incorporate provisions for each in our schedules to make sure there are no nasty surprises in store. If your business has a project on the horizon we can create different scenarios to evaluate feasibility in terms of funding and profitability.

Budgeting and cash flow forecasting services to help you gain valuable insights into your business; fuelling growth through actionable information

Working with decimal+ will allow your business to take advantage of our budgeting and forecasting expertise; allowing you to allocate smarter budgets and better anticipate monthly cash flow.